Tuesday, November 26, 2019

November 2019 Update and Membership Drive

Dear Members and Friends,

As we await approval from the state Attorney General for the transfer of the Pitt House property to the Colrain Historical Society, we have embarked on a robust fundraising campaign. Transfer of the property - closed to us since 2018 - must also be approved by the county Probate Court.

Meanwhile, we are busy planning a romantic Valentine's Day dinner prepared by chef Kevin Hollister and a "Colrain on Canvas II" art exhibition May 22 and 23, 2020. Calendars with reproductions from the wildly successful exhibition this year are available for purchase at Marty's Repair, Catamount Country Store, the town office, Hager's Farm Market, the Colrain Post Office and Pine Hill Orchard in Colrain, as well as Sawyer Newsroom Co. and Boswell's Books in Shelburne Falls.. Think Christmas.

Temporarily displaced from our former meeting place in the Stacy Barn, we have continued to present popular programs in Joan McQuade's barn, April through October, exploring Colrain's history though the collection, as well as the broader history of the area. Among this year's programs:

  • Fischlein's Store in Shattuckville
  • Colrain's one- and two-room schools
  • Native peoples in the valley
  • Dustup at the Methodist parsonage 

Your continued support helps to fund these programs, which sustain our status as a historic presence and a bright spot of activity in the town. More significantly now, it will help us to reach our goals in the heavy lifting we are facing in restoring the Pitt House property to its function as museum, meeting place, and repository of the material history of Colrain.

We are grateful for gifts or bequests of any size for the support and encouragement they represent.

Like most small-town historical societies, we rely on a small cadre of active members to plan programs, raise funds, and maintain the collection. Pitch in with us, and bring friends who enjoy history and social interaction with a purpose. For this, also, we ask your help.

Thank you,

CHS Board of Directors
Belden, Joan, Ken N., Ken S., Debby, Janet, Phil, Casey, and Bill

-  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -  -

I support the efforts of the Colrain Historical Society!
     * *Non-member friends who contribute $50 or more will become life members.**

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Please accept my donation of  (  )$50  (  )$100  (  )$250  (  )$500   Other: $___________

Please make check payable to The Colrain Historical Society. Thank you!

Note: The CHS is a 501 (c) (3) Charitable organization, so all your donations are deductible to the extent of State and Federal tax regulations.

Colrain Historical Society, Inc.
P. O. Box 45
Colrain, MA 01340

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

“Colrain on Canvas” 2020 Calendar

The Colrain Historical Society has captured 12 of the vivid paintings from the “Colrain on Canvas” exhibition last spring in a 2020 calendar which is now available for $15. The calendar will make a great holiday gift!

Available at the following locations:
  • Marty’s Repair, Main Road, Colrain
  • Catamount Country Store, Main Road, Colrain
  • Pine Hill Orchards, Greenfield Road, Colrain
  • Colrain Town office
  • Colrain Post Office
  • Hager’s Farm Market, Rt 2, Shelburne
  • Sawyer Newsroom Co., Bridge St, Shelburne Falls
  • Boswell’s Books, Bridge St. Shelburne Falls
The calendar size when open is 17” x 11”.

  • January - High St. Griswoldville - Jack Braudis 
  • February - Call Rd. Lusty Farm - Ida Waslake
  • March - Willis Block Place - Evelyn Pennegar
  • April - Wilson Hill - A. Hale Johnson
  • May - Pasture Vacationers - Alice Gammell
  • June - Colrain Center - Unknown, ca. 1850
  • July - Colrain Center - William Lester Stevens
  • August - Colrain Center - James Lister
  • September - River St. Covered Bridge - Althea Brigham
  • October - Roberts Farm - Myrtle Fish Purington
  • November - Colrain Center - Nord Bowlen 
  • December - West Branch Adamsville - Raymond Ewing

Also, save the date for “Colrain on Canvas II” on the weekend of May 23 & 24, 2020, at the Shelburne-Buckland Community Center, 53 Main Street, Shelburne Falls.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Potluck and Last Program of 2019

The Colrain Historical Society will hold its final meeting of 2019 on Thursday, October 10, at 7 p.m., following a potluck supper at 6 p.m. at the home of Joan McQuade, 7 Main Road, Colrain.

Election of officers and Board members will be on the agenda, along with an update on the status of the Pitt House, plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner cooked by chef Kevin Hollister, “Colrain on Canvas” calendars for Christmas giving, and plans for “Colrain on Canvas 2,” in the spring.

The meeting will be followed by a brief program,”Dustup at the Methodist Parsonage.”

Colrain’s Methodist Church shown on an old postcard.

Those participating in the potluck supper are asked to bring an entree, salad or dessert to share, wine if you like, as well as a place setting. Cider will be available.

 For information call Joan McQuade, 624-8818.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

A Visit to Old Greenfield Village

Old Greenfield Village Museum sign beside Rt. 2 at the bottom of Greenfield Mountain.

A visit to Old Greenfield Village, at the foot of the Mohawk Trail in Greenfield, will offer Colrain children ages 8 to 12 an authentic glimpse of  village life around 1895. Sponsored by the Colrain Historical Society and Griswold Memorial Library, this time-traveling excursion Sunday, September 22. from 2 to 4 p.m. will be free. Ten buildings, including a general store, print shop, drugstore (apothecary), a builder's shop, and a candy store, among others, offer a vivid picture of village life over 100 years ago. Young historians must be accompanied by an adult, up to a total of 40 registered in advance by calling Belden Merims at 624-3453.